Fluid Horizontal Navigation Using HTML5 and CSS3 Flexbox

A simple fluid horizontal navigation using the CSS3 Flexible Box model.

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How to use HTML5 localStorage

Shows the basic structure and use of HTML5′s localStorage. Taken from http://paperkilledrock.com/2010/05/html5-localstorage-part-one/

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CSS3 transition text glow on mouse over

This is a glow effect on a link using css3 transitions NO javascript. Works better on safari or chrome. It uses text-shadow to create the glow effect.


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Recursive tree fractal using canvas

Recursive function to draw a tree modifying the angles according to the X position of the mouse

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Stay on top navigation toolbar when scrolling down

This is a navigation toolbar that will stay on top when you scroll down. It’s done with jquery. The logic is simple, when the length of the scrolled window is bigger than the position of the toolbar position, then I add a fixed class to the toolbar. If not then I remove it.

This script was based from Twitter Bootstrap. http://twitter.github.com/bootstrap/base-css.html

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